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 Caution / 重要 / 주의 

Karabiner and POCHI don’t support mac OS Sierra yet.

Karabiner 及び POCHIはまだ mac OS Sierraに対応していません。

Karabiner 및 POCHI는 아직 mac OS Sierra에 대응하지 안습니다.

A wonderful application Karabiner doesn’t work on mac OS Sierra yet today on Sep.16th, because of the changes of generic keyboard and mouse drivers.

If you upgrade to Sierra, you will become impossible to use POCHI or Karabiner. Please don’t update to Sierra yet. 

Mr. Takayama, the developer of Karabiner, is trying to conform this problem now.

This is what he said on the BBS of Karabiner Google topics.


“macOS 10.12 changes of the generic keyboard and mouse drivers made a great impact on Karabiner and Seil. 

We should make a large changes in Karabiner and Seil architecture. 

There is not a workaround for this issue. 

Please wait an update of Karabiner and Seil for macOS 10.12. 

(It may take a long time.)”


It may take some time to conform POCHI to Sierra, because the Karabiner system might be going to have some change for Sierra.

And POCHI will be going to upgrade to renewal ver. 8.0 with a lot of new functions soon.
Please wait until the announcement of Karabiner and POCHI’s full support for Sierra.

And let’s support him by funding on this site.

Macの優れたキーボードリマップソフトであるKarabinerは、mac OS Sierraではまだ動きません。アップグレードすると、POCHIKarabinerの機能が使えなくなる恐れがあります。これは今回キーボード周りのシステムの大幅に変更されたためで、いま開発者の高山さんが一生懸命取り組んでくださっているそうですが、まだ時間がかかるかもしれません。






Mac의 훌륭한 키보드 리매핑 어플리케이션인 Karabiner는 mac OS Sierra에서는 9/16 현재 아직 움직이지 않습니다. 막약에 업그레이드 했다가는 POCHI 및 Karabiner의 기능을 사용 못하게 될 수 있습니다. 이것은 이번에 키보드 주변 시스템이 크게 변경된 것 때문인 것이고, 지금 개발자 타카야마 씨가 열심히 작업을 진행해주고 계시지만 아직 시간이 걸릴 수도 있는 모양입니다.

위에 있는 영어 글은 타카야마 씨의 메시지입니다.

어쩌면 Karabiner 자체 또한 사양에 변경이 있을 수도 있어서 Karabiner가 Sierra에 대응한 다음에도 POCHI의 Sierra 대응은 더 늦어질 가능성이 있습니다. 

그리고 POCHI는 새로운 기능들이 많이 추가된 ver.8.0이 조만간 나올 예정입니다. 

Karabiner와 POCHI의 Sierra 대응이 발표될 때까지 업그레이드는 잠시 기다려주십시오.

Karabiner 이용자 분들은 개발자 타카야마 씨를 여기서 기부로 응원합시다!

Pokemon Go has been launched in Japan.

This video made me think about the meanings of playing games. 

I thought about the meanings of playing games.

I used to play Roll Playing Games like ‘Dragon Quest’ in Family Computer (I guess you may not know it) in my junior high school time, and dreamed to sail aboard all over the world. I think it grew my adventurous spirit.

After I got into high school, I “graduated” from TV games. Now I hardly play TV or computer games, but I know the joy of getting into games, especially a pleasure of the time to share our power to clear one same goal.

I think games have some points to attract young people. 

One is obedience. In real world, you cannot control or make others to obey you at all. But in games, you can control the characters as you like. You can be the master of the world and let the characters move as you like. You can be the coach   of the soccer or baseball team and manage players . It’s quite an awesome experience, isn’t it?

Second, Simpleness. In games, there is a rule and your mission is so simple. Mission is decided by the game company there, like bombing the enemy’s base, arranging the blocks in right order and erase out, driving fast and win the first prize, kill or get monsters, aliens or ghosts to save the Princess.

You don’t have to worry about what you have to do. Clearing missions give you a sense of big fulfillment in games. It’s a big factor that people get into games.

And next, imagination. You can have a journey going on a voyage all over the world, operate the airplane to fly to the sky even the space, use magic and have a great power to kill monsters, revive from the death, and marry with the princess. You can be a hero or even a king. Those are almost impossible things in real life. Those virtual experience gives you excitement.

The sympathy of chasing a same purpose with others. Especially these days a lot of internet games gives us an experience to connect many people on line. 

Every people want to connect to someone, and it is a big relief to belong to a group, and be recognized by them.

And lastly, easiness to play. 

Games don’t need any sacrifice of your life to play, except your time and money.

You will feel no pain even if your avatar would be injured. You don’t have to die even your avatar have to die for about 150 times until you clear the mission. 

You don’t need to calculate the points you got, study new formula which you will use, clean up the room not to give a bad image to your guests, stitch the hole which was made in the last battle, grind the sword for the next battle, practice to drive your car or operate spaceship and to be scold by your teacher, load a gun with powder for shooting the enemy, be bothered by mosquitos in a countryside hotel over night, and bury your fellow who has died for your mistake.

Those are all computer’s job.

You don’t need/have to lose anything, cry or weep, because it’s all just in a virtual world. You can get coins on the road, from monsters, by the race, so easily. 

You don’t have to be serious. That’s all just a game and a story, a virtual reality and just a fun.

But I think you have to be careful. It can rather limit your imagination. All the mission events in games is prepared by the game company.

Real world is so complex and complicated to solve any problem. Not only one devil is dominate the world. Arranging the blocks or puyopuyo characters is not your job to earn money or way to live. 

No monster, no race, no magic, no blocks, no ship, no princess, no…

Who’s my enemy?

What helps me to resolve the issue?

What's the problem? Where is my lovely princess? Where is the goal?

First of all, what should I do in my life? 

No one tell me what is the goal of one’s life, and how to find it.

There is no goal in a life. No enemy in the world. And no way to reset a life.

The world is so complicated, so hard to understand each other, but therefore it’s beautiful, and worthwhile to live.

You are the player of your life, and your life will change as you decide.

Everybody wants to go out for an adventure. But when I shut off the power of the machine, only I can find is a lonely and boring boy who have been holding controller with vacant eyes.

Games are the practice of the real life which has no practice  time and reset button.

Watching this movie, I thought to myself.

I wonder if any great enemy hit the Earth even in a virtual world. And then we unite our power as one to overcome the crisis to survive. Even mutual enemies can unite as one if there are any other common enemies outside, that is threatening them both.

I think the environment crisis might possibly be a gift from the god to us, the common mission which we have to overcome, and all the human beings can unite as “us”.

I hope Pokemon Go will be a bridge between the virtual world and the real world.


隣人と平和に暮らしたいとき、すべきことは銃を買うことか? 対話の道を模索することか?




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『国民主権、基本的人権、平和主義を削除しよう!』 『尖閣諸島軍事利用しよう!』など驚愕の宣言続出 



野党の中の選択はお任せします。 こちらで質問に答えると、自分の意見に合った政党と候補を教えてくれます。 






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